Trip to Malawi in 2022 with Friends of Adziwa | AFRICA

December 11, 2022

In July 2022, myself and 13 others traveled to Malawi in Africa! The team had an incredible experience serving with our long-time, COTC missional partner, Capital City Baptist Church as well as the Adziwa Christian School staff, students, and guardians. To top it all off, we also had the privilege to work alongside some of Malawi’s most talented, Jesus-loving physicians and education leaders.

During the time at the school, our medical team was privileged to assess more than 500 of the Adziwa Christian School children, 20 of their family guardians, and most of the school staff. But don’t worry, I didn’t handle anything medical, ha! I took photos for the school, church and ministries that support both in order to help tell their stories, raise support and capture a fresh look at Adziwa Christian School so more can fall in love with the vision, as we all have!

I truly felt God’s “Kingdom come”. One person on our trip described it as going to a family reunion and meeting relatives you didn’t know you were related to — instant connection!

Here are some photos from our trip as well as a few of our last day on a boat safari! A hippo HIT our boat and it was terrifying… ask me about that story in person. 🙂 SOOO many incredible things happening in Malawi! For more about Friends of Adziwa CLICK HERE

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