Leyton’s Bubble Birthday Party in Franklin, TN

April 16, 2016

Our Baby turned 3!!  He is happy, cautious, charming and oh-so-silly!  We celebrated with friends at the Westhaven Residence Club with one of his all time favorite things…BUBBLES!  It was a bubble themed birthday party with a rice crispy treat “cake” which he said was his favorite 🙂  Check out this recipe on my Pinterest Board HERE.  Happy birthday Leyton!  We love you so so much!

Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-11&12Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-1Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-2Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-3Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-4Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-5Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-6Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-7Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-8Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-9Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-13&14Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-10Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-15&16Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-17&18Bubble_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-19&20

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