Krehbiel Christmas Card 2023

December 22, 2023

This year our family together decided to do a digital Christmas Card! Here are highlights from our family in 2023…

TRAVEL: Gatlinburg + Annakeesta, Memphis Grizzlies Game, ATL Coca-cola Museam, Spring Break to GA then on to Charleston, Camping in East TN, Evin & Cohen 8th Grade Trip to Washington D.C., Cohen & Kinzie Youth Camp in the Ozarks, Tubing in NC with best friends, Ohio State Buckeyes Game in Columbus, Several visits to our Haven30A with friends and family…even taking Nana (92) for Thanksgiving to the beach!

SPORTS: Leyton LOVES flag football and baseball, and had a great first year on the neighborhood swim team. Kinzie tried rec basketball, had an incredible season on the swim team, was on her school dance team and is now a cheerleader for basketball! Cohen played flag football, school baseball, and as a freshman had an incredible season with his football team winning STATE – GO FALCONS!!

FUN: Evin’s dear friend Eunice (the principal of Adziwa Christian School that Evin visited in 2022 in Malawi, Africa) came to America for 2 weeks and was able to meet the entire family! We once again hosted LAKESIDE MOVIES in our community of Westhaven…it’s become one of our favorite things on our summer bucket list!

UPDATES: After having the kids being in 3 different schools for 3 years, Cohen & Kinzie started a new school together and we feel so blessed and thankful for them to be together and to be a part of a great community with a short commute!

LEYTON is 10, in 5th grade [Bright, Funny & a Leader] – having a BLAST in his last year of elementary school.

KINZIE is 12, in 7th grade [Creative, Fun & has the Coolest Style] – enjoying all things ART and time with friends.

COHEN is 15, in 9th grade [Hard working, Caring and Great Sense of Humor] – loves to fix things, kind to all he meets and is learning to … DRIVE! Let’s Gooooo!

EVIN turned…dun, dun dun…40! No longer on social media and LOVING it. Plays tennis often, helps with the Church of the City youth group (where the kids attend and she and Luke first met!!). Evin had an incredibly blessed year in photography in all areas: Weddings, Family & Senior Portraits, Interior Design and Commercial Content for businesses.

LUKE is going strong at 42! Coached both boy’s flag football teams. Luke also went to STATE with 2 tennis teams and had his 2nd BEST year ever in real estate (Agent615)! When most considered 2023 as a down year we are thankful for all of the support and trust from clients and look forward to continuing to serve in 2024.

CLICK HERE for a video highlight from the Krehbiel’s 2023!

  1. Cyndi Higgins says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Evin!!!!

  2. Jenn Maciuk says:

    Love you guys! So blessed to know you! Thanks for sharing your super fun year! xoxo

  3. Cari-Beth says:

    This was so cool to Get. Love this idea! Thanks for sending. Merry Christmas!

  4. Megan Brennard says:

    Merry Christmas!! So fun to hear all you’ve been up to!

  5. Tara Hays says:

    I love this! Great updates.

  6. The Fureys says:

    Merry Christmas!! We love you and the card! Hugs to you all!!!!

  7. Kristin Kash says:

    Love this. Merry Christmas!

  8. Tami Polak says:

    Merry Christmas, guys!! We love you!! Loved the update!!!

  9. Michele Stephens says:

    Y’all are the cutest! Merry Christmas to the Krehbiels!

  10. Bridgett Garratt says:

    Merry Christmas to the Krehbiel Family!

  11. Kristin Howard says:

    Merry Christmas Krehbiels!!

  12. Gracie Krehbiel says:

    This is the best thing I’ve received in a very long time. Made me cry. I love y’all soooooo much! Merry Christmas 💕

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