Pedestrian Bridge Marriage Proposal | Nashville, TN

April 17, 2017

Henry and I chatted over the phone to coordinate the plan for the proposal.  1) He would pick up Paige from the airport  2) Bring her to the Pedestrian Bridge in Downtown Nashville 3) Hand her a letter & face her towards the city 4) I would be in position & when he went down on one knee she would turn around 5) She’d say YES!

The night came… I was in position (with my amazing husband, Luke, assisting me) on the bridge.  The only problem, we hadn’t met in person and I had only seen a photo of them from Facebook.  From my position on one end of the bridge, I thought I saw them… at the OTHER end of the bridge.  So I take off running in my wedges!  Henry was already in the zone when I made it to them and I was JUST in time!  He knelt down on one knee (with the ring box upside down, haha)…Paige turned around… and SHE SAID YES!!  I had chills all over. But that’s not all!  Henry had arranged for her family to fly in from Florida to surprise her.  Both his & her families walked up and the tears flowed and soon after the champagne 🙂   AHHH I can’t even describe the joy I felt to be a part of this.  Congratulations Henry & Paige!

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