Top Destination Wedding Locations

March 17, 2016

We love to travel for weddings and one of our favorite things about destination weddings is that all of the guests are there to celebrate with the bride and groom with no other distractions. No one needs to rush home to relieve a sitter, worry about waking up early the next day to get back to work, or have the pressures of everyday routines calling their name. It is such a relaxed, intimate and focused time to enjoy the wedding and truly celebrate with the bride and groom!

Here are some of our top destination venues and cities, along with a few that we are hoping to work with soon!

Watercolor Inn & Resort, FL – See more wedding photos

Watercolor_Seaside_FL_Destination_Beach_Wedding_Nashville_TN_Photographer-Evin Photography-37&38Watercolor_Seaside_FL_Destination_Beach_Wedding_Nashville_TN_Photographer-Evin Photography-22Watercolor_Seaside_FL_Destination_Beach_Wedding_Nashville_TN_Photographer-Evin Photography-31&32

Watercolor_Seaside_FL_Destination_Beach_Wedding_Nashville_TN_Photographer-Evin Photography-14

Cape Cod, MA – Private Residence – See more wedding photos

Cape_Cod_Wedding_Chatham_Massachusetts-Evin Photography-4Cape_Cod_Wedding_Chatham_Massachusetts-Evin Photography-6&7

Big Canoe, GASee more wedding photos

Big_Canoe_Georgia_Wedding_Mountain_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-24Big_Canoe_Georgia_Wedding_Mountain_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-21Big_Canoe_Georgia_Wedding_Mountain_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-37

New Orleans, LA

New_Orleans_LA_Wedding-Evin Photography-1 copy

Atlanta, GA – See more wedding photos

200_Peachtree_Atlanta_Georgia_Jewish_Wedding-Evin Photography-37&38200_Peachtree_Atlanta_Georgia_Jewish_Wedding-Evin Photography-15

Savannah, GA


Spring Creek Ranch – Memphis, TN – See more wedding photos                                           

Spring_Creek_Ranch_Wedding_Memphis_TN-Evin Photography-4Spring_Creek_Ranch_Wedding_Memphis_TN-Evin Photography-25Spring_Creek_Ranch_Wedding_Memphis_TN-Evin Photography-36


DESTINATION wedding venues we are dreaming of…

Seaside Chapel


HammerSky Vineyards

Hardy Farm

Magnolia Plantation

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