Bledsoe Family Portraits in Westhaven – Franklin, TN

November 12, 2015


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  1. Sam Bledsoe says:

    Rudy is the cutest! Thanks Evin, you’re the best.

  2. Tara Zamm says:

    Great pictures! Very cute poses and use of the foreground with different shots of Rudy and the family. Awesome work!

  3. Carrie says:

    Love the photo of mom an dad kissing, and baby Rudy’s head is turned to see!

  4. Leslie Bledsoe says:

    Oh Evin, these are awesome. You’re awesome. We had a blast with you. We hope to see you in the spring for more leaf-eating, laughs, and pictures!

  5. Hunter Hackett says:

    Beautiful photos!

  6. Cynthia Hackett says:

    Bledsoe Family Portrait Photos were adorable. Sometimes a picture isn’t worth a thousand words, Sometimes it is just one, LOVE

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