Ashley & Brent’s Beach Wedding & Reception at Fine Art 30A – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

November 3, 2015

This is a couple that deserves nothing but THE BEST!!  Ashley & Brent are from Franklin, TN but celebrated their marriage ceremony with a destination wedding in Santa Rosa Beach, FL at Fine Art 30A.  What an honor it was to capture their wedding!  Ashley incorporated so many amazing details for their beach wedding…but what out shined them all was how much they are loved by their friends and family.  You can tell what kind of people they are by the support they had around them on their Big Day!  This is a wedding I will never forget.  Thank you for choosing me Ashley & Brent!

Click HERE to view all of Ashley & Brent’s wedding photos

Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-1Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-2Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-3Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-33&34Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-35&36Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-4Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-5Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-6Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-7Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-39&40Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-8Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-41&42Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-9Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-10Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-43&44Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-11Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-12Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-13Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-14Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-15Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-16Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-45&46Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-47&48Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-17Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-18Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-19Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-20Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-21Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-22Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-49&50Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-23Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-24Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-53&54Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-25Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-26Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-51&52Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-27Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-55&56Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-28Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-57&58Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-29Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-30Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-31Santa_Rosa_Beach_FL_Fine_Art_30A_Destination_Wedding-Evin Photography-32a

  1. Andrew says:

    Beautiful wedding!!!!!

  2. Deb covington says:

    Beautiful, just like you!

  3. Pam sheldon says:

    You looked beautiful Ashley, loved them all!

  4. Tara Johnson says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  5. Summer says:

    Evin, these are fabulous! Couldn’t be more happy for my sweet friend Ashley & her dashing groom, Brent! Their day looked perfect!

  6. Parker Buckner says:

    This is very nice ????????

  7. Alexis says:

    Omg, this is absolutely beautiful! Y’all look like such a wonderful couple!

  8. Leslea says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Brent Hoadley says:

    Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. You both are such a pleasure to work with! Prefect day with my bride.

  10. Cate says:

    Love these beautiful pictures!

  11. Katrina says:

    Beautiful job!

  12. Sylvia carl says:

    Beautiful pictures loved them all such a cute couple.

  13. Lisa Fenton says:

    A fairytale wedding! Congratulations to a precious couple. May your lives be filled with love and laughter….and the beach.

  14. Camille C says:

    Ashley you look so beautiful and the scenery is gorgeous. Congratulations and may God continue to bless you and your husband #maritalbliss

  15. Zach says:

    Couldn’t have been a better weekend! These photos are wonderful!

  16. Erin C says:

    These photos are stunning!!!! Ashley you look beautiful and the beach is a great back drop! Looks like so much fun and love. Well done!

  17. Heather weatherall says:

    Wow!! These photographs are just beautiful!! ????

  18. Gabrielle Trainor says:

    Absolutely stunning wedding and lovely photography.

  19. Sarah St Clair says:

    Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful wedding! Love every single one of these!

  20. Jayme R says:

    Absolutely stunning wedding! Can’t think of a more beautiful bride, inside and out. Best of luck!!

  21. Sarah R says:

    Love!! The pictures are amazing! What an amazing day for you!!

  22. Ana says:

    Incredible pictures! Two beautiful people inside and out and you captured that in your photos!

  23. Jenny Beard says:

    Gorgeous pictures!! You captured every moment just perfectly! Such a fun time! Xoxo

  24. Leslea says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Perfect wedding!

  25. Therese Hoadley says:

    Thank you for all your hard work. Pictures are gorgeous

  26. David Barker says:

    Very impressed with your creativeness and talent. Thank you for all your hard work.

  27. Brent Hoadley says:

    Thank you for capturing our special day! You both did a wonderful job. PERFECT

  28. Susan Barker says:

    As mother of the bride, I have to say that this destination wedding was absolutely perfect, from start to finish. Every part of it was captured beautifully by Evin!

  29. Kirby McGuire says:

    These pictures are amazing!! I love the colors!

  30. Kchinnler says:


  31. Jena says:

    Beautiful pics!! Looks like you guys had an amazing day! Gorgeous bride!…and groom too 😉

  32. Jackie Anderson says:

    Love you both SO MUCH!
    the wedding was beautiful???? the pictures are amazing!

  33. John David Hill says:

    “It was a beautiful Wedding” I love y’all and wish you all the best. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special time.

  34. Ily says:

    Absolutely stunning!

  35. Heather Scott says:

    WOW! Such BEAUTIFUL Photos!!! Ashley…you look AMAZING. Everything looks perfect…every detail! LOVED Peeking into your wedding celebration — Wishing you and Brent a Lifetime of Happiness!

  36. Jere Hoadley says:

    Great Pictures!!!!!!!! Loved everyone. Your talent captured every moment and will definitely be cherished. Great Job!!!

  37. Rhonda says:

    These pictures are beautiful. Would be hard to pick out the favorite. Beautiful bride.

  38. Angela says:

    Great pics! Love all your colors!

  39. Missy Sweeney says:

    Gorgeous!!!! THE MOST beautiful bride and the best wedding ever!! So much fun! Great job Evin!

  40. Tammy Lollis says:

    These pics are so beautiful!!! I love every detail in these pics! Amazing captures!

  41. Tim C says:

    Great times. Awesome pictures

  42. Della Steele says:

    Breathe taking….

  43. Cindy says:

    Just beautiful

  44. Pat Coltharp says:

    I love these two! The pictures are great. Love the colors.

  45. Todd Beard says:

    These are great!! Good times and the wedding was perfect. You guys look awesome.

  46. Heather Stone says:

    Beautiful pictures, the colors are gorgeous and you can feel how much fun and love everyone had!

  47. Sheila T Hays says:

    Wow! These are beautiful photos! Your photographer captured some beautiful moments in the perfect landscape!

  48. Ashley Hoadley says:

    I know I’m biased, but dang, these are phenomenal!!! ????

  49. Alicia says:

    Beautiful photos! It looks like a perfect wedding!

  50. Melissa J says:

    No surprise they made such beautiful pictures. Seriously, Ashley has always been one of the most beautiful people, inside and out.

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