Jennifer & Austin Carnton Plantation Wedding – Franklin, TN

June 22, 2015

Rain, rain go away… and it did!!  Though it threatened rain for Jennifer & Austin’s Wedding, it sprinkled just enough for “Good Luck” then passed on, gracing us with an amazing wedding day for an incredible couple!  Jennifer was absolutely stunning and the colors she chose for her flowers & bridesmaids were the perfect compliment to Carnton Plantation in Historic Downtown Franklin, TN.  Their wedding program was so creative and one of the best I’ve ever seen!  The wooden signature board will be a gorgeous, yet sentimental, detail in their home.  With Austin being a pilot, the airplane cake topper was a super cute touch.  And I can’t leave out their crazy fun bridal party!  I hope they enjoy relieving the moments of their day through photos as much as I did taking them!

Click HERE to view all of Jennifer & Austin’s wedding photos

Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-1Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-25&26Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-2Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-27&28Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-31&32Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-29&30Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-3Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-4Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-5Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-6Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-7Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-8Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-9Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-10Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-33&34Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-35&36Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-13Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-37&38Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-14Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-39&40Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-41&42Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-43&44Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-12Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-15Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-11Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-16Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-17Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-18Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-49&50Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-19Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-47&48Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-45&46Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-20Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-21Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-22Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-23Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-51&52Carnton_Plantation_Garden_Wedding_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-24

Thank you to all of the wonderful vendors who were part of this beautiful wedding day!

Venue | Carnton Plantation

Florist | Cindy Snyder

Cake Artist | The Frosted Affair

Caterer | Brentwood Catering Services

Rentals | Music City Tents & Events

Lighting | Nashville Event Lighting

Transportation | Grand Avenue

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  2. Lisa Hattaway says:

    Love the pictures!

  3. joy lelusche says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  4. Victoria says:

    So beautiful! And such lovely photos!

  5. Drew Hineborg says:

    These photos are amazing. What a great wedding.

  6. Jamie says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  7. Amy says:

    Such a beautiful wedding and bride!

  8. Holly Thompson says:

    I love these photos! Evin, beautiful pix of Jennifer and Austin’s wedding day. I laughed, cried, smiled….you name it, I experienced every emotion possible while looking through them. You simply are one of the best wedding photographers I’ve ever met. You completely captured the moment from engagement to I do. 🙂 🙂 Holly

  9. Mark Thompson says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Evin, your photos are the best. You did a fabulous job making this a special memory for Austin and Jennifer.

  10. What a gorgeous wedding! You have captured all the beauty, but more importantly, all the love shared at this wedding. Amazing work.

  11. Shonna says:

    Beautiful photos and beautiful bride!

  12. Stephanie says:

    You did an amazing job. Jennifer just raved about you and now I see why.

  13. Amanda Mullen says:

    besutofuk wedding and couple! So sad we missed it, we love the pictures!

  14. Corrie says:

    Gorgeous pictures! This was such a beautiful wedding and absolutely exuded the love between Jenny and Austin!

  15. Nisa says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! Also…rain on a wedding day is good luck according to my mom, well in indian tradition it is!

  16. Cynthia Graeter says:

    Beautiful wedding! Gorgeous photos. Lovely couple!!

  17. Shyla says:

    so beautiful! Great pictures!

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