Caroline Newborn Portraits – Brentwood, TN

May 14, 2015

Oh baby girl how we’ve prayed for you!  My dear friends Jay & Bethany started the adoption process in March of this year & on April 30th their daughter was born!  We have celebrated with text, meals, tears, laughter and photos.  What joy Caroline has brought to us all.  The day after her newborn photo session, Caroline was rushed to Vanderbilt and after multiple tests, they’ve determined she’ll soon need surgery on her intestines.  My heart is completely broken for this sweet one & Jay and Bethany as they have been adjusting to the adoption process and becoming new parents.  Caroline is already proving herself to be a strong, happy baby and the Lord has shown us over & over that HE is in control.  Please pray for this sweet one & her family as they continue life together and prepare for her surgeries in June.  I’m so honored to be a part of Caroline’s story & can’t wait to watch her grow into a beautiful young woman.  I love you sweet Caroline!

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Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-1Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-2Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-11&12Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-3Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-13&14Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-4Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-17&18Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-5Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-15&16Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-6Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-8Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-7Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-19&20Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-9Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-21&22Newborn_Nursery_Portraits_Brentwood_TN-Evin Photography-10

  1. Bethany Alexander says:

    Love, love, love!!! So thankful for you, sweet friend! Thank you for everything!!

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