Bledsoe Family Portraits at Harlinsdale Farm – Franklin, TN

May 26, 2015

So fun meeting this sweet family!  As most do when arriving to take pictures (including my family), they came flustered, in a rush, and wondering if we’d even be able to get a good shot of them with having a baby AND dog — but that’s when all that I’ve worked for over the years kicked in.  It’s my job to make everyone feel at ease & just have fun!  And that’s just what we did!  I so loved getting to spend time with the Bledsoes and even found out we all went to Brentwood High School.  What a gorgeous day for family portraits at Harlinsdale Farm in Downtown Franklin, TN. We ended the session laughing and I love all we were able to capture of them!

Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-1Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-2Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-3Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-11&12Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-4Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-5Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-6Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-13&14Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-7Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-8Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-9Harlinsdale_Farm_Family_Photos_Downtown_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-10

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