Emmett’s 1st Birthday with Outdoors/Mountain Theme – Franklin, TN

April 7, 2015

So amazing to be at Emmett’s Birth and one year later be celebrating his 1st Birthday!  His mama Kristine is a master crafter, loves themed parties as much as myself, and the one I call my “brilliant friend”.  Oh how I loved Emmett’s Outdoors/Mountain themed birthday party.  It was ever so fitting since this is a family that often hikes together.  I just had to share this one on the blog!  Happy Birthday sweet Emmett!

Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-10&11Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-1Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-12&13Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-2Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-14&15Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-3Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-18&19Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-4Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-5Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-6Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-16&17Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-7Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-8Mountain_Outdoors_Theme_Birthday_Party-Evin Photography-9

  1. The sweetest photos of the sweetest family! Thanks for documenting this Evin, made me feel like I was there even though we couldn’t be that day!

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