Chelsea & Brooks Wedding Photos – Nashville, TN

April 30, 2015

Match made in heaven!  What an amazing story Chelsea & Brooks have.  You can read more about their journey to finding each other on Chelsea’s Blog – An Arrow In The Making.  On the blog you will read of the importance of a Pink rose.  In our initial wedding meeting Chelsea was awe struck when she saw a canvas of a pink rose with wedding rings on our gallery wall that I did years ago.  We knew then that I was meant to be a part of their wedding & I am overjoyed to have celebrated with them and capture their memories of such an amazing day!

Chelsea & Brooks were married on the farm of Amy Grant & Vince Gill just outside of Nashville, TN.  With Brooks working in the music industry, it was no surprise the music was out of this world amazing.  The ceremony was intimate & the details were flawless.  Pink roses were used in every arrangement & even Brooks’ boutonniere had an arrow as a reminder of Chelsea’s blog and the significance of their story.  Some of my favorite photos are the bridal portraits with Chelsea & a bow and arrow.  The two of them together are every photographers dream & I can’t believe I was able to be a part of it.  Congrats Chelsea & Brooks!

Click HERE to view all of Chelsea & Brooks wedding photos

Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-1Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-2Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-3Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-26&27Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-4Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-28&29Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-5Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-6Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-7Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-30&31Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-9Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-8Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-32&33Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-10Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-11Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-12Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-13Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-34&35Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-36&37Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-38&39Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-16Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-40&41Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-18Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-19Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-20Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-17Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-21Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-42&43Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-14Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-44&45Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-25Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-15Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-46&47Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-23Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-24Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-48&49Nashville_TN_Farm_Wedding-Evin Photography-22

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