Charlie 6 month Portraits – The Franklin Factory, TN

February 13, 2015

Only a little pink tutu could brighten up a dreary January day!!  Little Charlie is already 6 months old & oh how her family adores her.  She is full of smiles & also fully capable of handling all of the fun big sister Emily has in store for her.  What a great time we had at the Factory in Franklin!

View ALL of Charlie’s 6month photos HERE

Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-10&11Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-12&13Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-14&15Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-1Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-2Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-16&17Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-8Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-7Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-6Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-5Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-4Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-3Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-9Charlie_6mo-Evin Photography-18&19

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