Ginger & Scott Wedding at Cove Acre Farms-Gadsden, AL

January 23, 2015

What a way to celebrate our first wedding of 2015!!  Ginger & Scott were married at a brand new Alabama wedding venue, Cove Acre Farms.  What an amazing setting!  Although it rained on & off, you would have never known inside the gorgeous barn with wooden beam ceilings, elegant flower arrangements & a delicious southern buffet…and did I forget to mention it was 60 degrees in January?!!  We couldn’t have asked for a better couple to capture on their big day.  Congrats Ginger & Scott!

Click HERE to view ALL of Ginger & Scott’s wedding photos

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  1. Christy Yocum says:

    Beautiful wedding photos!

  2. Miria King-Garner says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Pics showcase the happiness of all.

  3. Sherry Young says:

    Great Pictures. Ginger and Meagan both look beautiful. Congratulations Ginger.

  4. Annette Mayben says:

    Gorgeous photos!

  5. Susan Whitley says:

    Beautiful bride…. Amazing pics

  6. Janet Wilson says:

    great pics of a beautiful bride!

  7. Karen Adcock says:

    These pictures are gorgeous!

  8. Sharon McGowan says:

    Ginger and Scott Medders’s wedding photos were perfection! Fabulous job!!!

  9. Kelly Shoemake says:

    Love these pictures!!!! They are beautiful!

  10. Sharon Harris says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Such a beautiful wedding !! Congratulations!!

  11. Pam Kangelos says:

    These are gorgeous! Congrats to the newly weds! These pics are phenomenal!

  12. Ambreen Mardhani says:

    Love the pictures! You look gorgeous!

  13. Emily Lachiewicz says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures and beautiful couple!

  14. Amber Elam says:

    You are absolutely gorgeous and look so incredibly happy! So happy for you two!! 🙂

  15. JoAnn Cheek says:

    Beautiful photographs !! All kinds of HAPPY !!

  16. Carla Watson says:

    Scott and Ginger, these are beautiful!

  17. Sylvia Coleman says:

    Love the photos of Megan & Scott’s wedding. You captured the love and joy of the day perfectly. Southern charm and elegance!

  18. Patti Rasberry says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!!!

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