Ginger & Scott Alabama Wedding SNEAK PEEK

January 7, 2015

Our first wedding of 2015 for a couple we adore! Here is Ginger & Scott’s Wedding SNEAK PEEK at Cover Acre Farms in Gadsden, AL!  Check back soon for their full wedding blog post.

Wedding_Sneak_Peek-Evin Photography-3&4Wedding_Sneak_Peek-Evin Photography-1Wedding_Sneak_Peek-Evin Photography-2Wedding_Sneak_Peek-Evin Photography-5&6

  1. Amie Sealy says:

    Besutiful!!!! Can’t wait to see more!!

  2. Luann Gladden says:

    Evin grew up in Brentwood with our son-in-law Josh and was our oldest daughter Megan’s next door neighbor and sorority sister at Samford. When Megan and Josh got married, Evin was in her wedding so she could only take a few pictures, but Ginger said then that Evin would do her wedding someday. Love you, Evin. Thanks for a wonderful day!

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