Kelsey & Brandon Lilac Farms Wedding – Arrington, TN

November 4, 2014

Kelsey and Brandon were married at one of my favorite new Nashville Wedding venues, Lilac Farms at Arrington Vineyards.  Though it rained on the wedding day – with the beauty of the bride, brightness of the colors & the epic dance party – you would have never noticed 🙂  What an amazing couple Kelsey & Brandon are!!  I knew without a doubt the details of this wedding would be some of my all time favorites!  The fall farm setting with red barn, pumpkins, mums, barrels, antlers, and natural wood was the perfect location and everyone came ready to celebrate the marriage to two incredible people that are SO. MUCH. FUN! Love you Kelsey & Brandon! xoxo

Click HERE to view all of Kelsey & Brandon’s wedding photos

Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-1 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-2 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-3 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-34&35 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-4 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-5 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-6 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-36&37 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-7 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-8 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-38&39 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-44&45 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-9 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-10 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-40&41 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-42&43 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-11 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-12 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-46&47 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-48&49 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-13 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-50&51 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-14 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-15 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-52&53 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-16 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-17 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-18 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-19 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-20 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-21 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-22 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-54&55 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-23 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-25 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-26 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-27 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-28 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-29 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-30 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-31 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-56&57 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-32 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-33 Lilac_Farms_Arrington_Vineyards_Wedding_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-24

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  1. Mikala Guillaume says:

    Stunning! Congrats guys.

  2. Samantha bird says:

    Had such a blast being a part of such a beautiful day! The pictures incredibly capture the romance of the day! Thank you to the bride and groom for sharing such a special day with us!

  3. Thanks again for including us in your special day; you made a lovely Bride and it was great to be witnesses to you marrying your sweetheart.

  4. Sally says:

    Just beautiful!

  5. Mallory Seaton says:

    The wedding pictures are beautiful! I love them all!

  6. Pam Holt says:

    Beautiful Wedding!

  7. Maegan Mora says:

    Gorgeous bride and beautiful wedding down to every last detail! Can’t even tell it was raining. Congrats to you both! (:

  8. Lynda Rose says:

    Captivating pictures of a magical day for this wonderful young couple. Despite the rain, you captured the joy and excitement the weather could not dampen.

  9. Lynda Rose says:

    Wonderful photos taken tastefully throughout a very happy wedding of an incredible young couple. Despite the drizzle, you captured beautifully the joy and excitement of the day.

  10. Karen Dunlap says:

    Beautiful pictures! You did an amazing job.

  11. Chandler says:

    Beautiful pictures! Looks like a perfect day 🙂

  12. Holly J says:

    Beautiful ceremony! Full of family, friends, and fun! Congrats to Kelsey & Brandon!

  13. Janet Davis says:

    Beautiful pictures !!! Love them !!!

  14. Emily B says:

    Absolutely breathtaking!!

  15. Diane says:

    Beautiful Pictures!!

  16. Suzanne wheeler says:

    Beautiful wedding !!! We had so much fun! Congrats!!!!

  17. Kristen says:

    Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous bride inside and out!

  18. Kate O'Connor says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures!!!!

  19. Tori Holleman says:


  20. Dylan Finch says:

    Had a great time. Great place to see baby sis get married!

  21. Jason Fraker says:

    Beautiful wedding for two beautiful people and the photos did a perfect job helping others celebrate. May God bless your marriage in the years to come.

  22. Erin Moser says:

    Beautiful wedding and beautiful photographs!

  23. Chantele Otto says:

    Kelsey, you were a gorgeous bride! You two make a beautiful couple.

  24. Mark Lucas says:

    Beautiful wedding!

  25. Gracye Carden says:

    Kelsey and Brandon’s pictures are amazing!!! I will definitely be using Evin when I get married one day!

  26. Chrissy Guidry says:

    Such a gorgeous wedding! Congrats

  27. Linda Kunberger says:

    The pictures are fantastic and the bride is beautiful as ever!

  28. Cecily says:

    Beautiful couple! Congrats!

  29. Kaitlyn says:

    These photos could not be more beautiful!!! They perfectly capture the day! What an incredible talent you have Evin!

  30. Caitlin Heller says:

    Everything down to the most simplest details looks absolutely stunning! So gorgeous!

  31. Kiah savage says:

    Beautiful wedding and beautiful bride! Truly a story book wedding if you ask me! Congratulations to both of you!

  32. Julianna Kilgore says:

    You look stunning! Gorgeous pictures!!!!

  33. Judy Rogers says:

    Beautiful photos!!!

  34. Amazingly beautiful wedding! Gorgeous model proud of you! And so happy for both of you! What joy and what fun! Pictures were phenomenal too! Perfect everything!!! Doesn’t get any better than this!

  35. Leah Dunn says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures! I would have never noticed the rain, the pictures are stunning. Kelsey you are beautiful!

  36. Stephanie says:

    Congratulations Kelsey and Brandon! Beautiful pictures and memories!

  37. Rachel says:

    These wedding pictures are like every woman’s dream! I love them!

  38. Beverly Finch says:

    All I can say is WOW!!! Evin, you did a fantastic job with all of the details and your creativity. I just can’t say enough how grateful all of us are that Kelsey chose your to capture her special day. We will enjoy these beautiful pictures for years to come!!! Thank you so much:)

  39. Suzanne wheeler says:

    These are awesome!!!!! What a perfect day!!! Beautiful!!

  40. Your photography continues to leave me speechless every time I go back and look at the pictures from our wedding, which I have been doing all day. Thank you for capturing our epic night and giving us a chance to continue to cherish it for the rest of our lives!


  41. Art Finch says:

    Ervin’s photographs just take my breath away! I tear up every time I look at them … We had the perfect photographer for Kelsey’s perfect day!!! Thanks Evin!!!

  42. Breanna Robbe says:

    Kelsey and Brandon your pictures are absolutely beautiful!!

  43. Evelyn Lucas says:

    A wedding alliteration of F’s. Fabulous Fall Flowers, Fotos, Friends, Family and Fun. You had it all. A great wedding.

  44. Evelyn Lucas says:

    Beautiful Ms. Kelsey the teacher, this wedding earned all F’s. Fabulous, Fall, Flowers, Food, Friends, Family, Fotos, and Fun. It was all just the most wonderful wedding ever.

  45. Margaret Ann says:

    These pictures are fabulous. You’ve captured the details and emotions that can seem to fleeting on a wedding day. Kelsey and Brandon are lucky to have had you as their photographer!

  46. Whitney Bailey says:

    Kelsey!! Ur wedding was Beautiful!! Love your photos!! Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  47. Kate Sundell says:

    Kelsey, You make a beautiful bride and you look incredibly happy. Congratulations on the amazing wedding and finding a man who makes you smile so much!

  48. Kelsey!! What a beautiful wedding. I know you had to have had a freakin’ blast! Nothing beats a fall wedding 🙂 Your pictures are wonderful! Congratulations!

  49. Oh, Evin! You have SUCH a gift! I could never in a million years thank you enough for capturing our special day as beautifully as you did. You. Are. AWAZING!

  50. Meg Farmer says:

    You did it again, Evin! You captured every single detail of their day just perfectly! Every shot is stunning. Kelsey and Brandon look like models! What an incredible day!!

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