Megan Maternity Portraits – Franklin, TN

October 7, 2014

These two people are some of our forever friends and are two of the dearest people to me.  Megan and I first met at Samford in Birmingham and became Chi Omega sorority sisters.  Flash forward {cough, cough} years later and we are now closer friends than ever before.  I can call her at the drop of a hat and no matter when we talked last, we pick back up right where we left off.  Josh is also one of my favorites 🙂 He went to Brentwood High School with me, but it wasn’t until he began dating my BFF Megan that we became friends.  He & I tend to “geek” out over website & photo talk and are convinced one day we will invent and app together & make a million dollars. 🙂  Josh is also a huge Buckeyes fan — GO BUCKS!!  Megan & Josh have been extremely successful in their careers & now God is blessing them with the gift of their first child.  It was all I could do to not cry happy tears through the whole maternity session.  We are so blessed to know them & can’t wait to meet Baby Brennard coming soon!!!  Love you both & can’t wait to love on this sweet baby boy, xoxoxo

Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-1 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-2 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-7&8 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-3 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-9&10 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-11&12 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-4 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-5 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-17&18 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-6 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-13&14 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-15&16

  1. Thanks for taking such beautiful pictures of my children! Love you, Evin!

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