Genevieve & Tyler’s Cape Cod Destination Wedding – Chatham, Massachusetts

October 13, 2014

A destination wedding in Cape Cod on the beach with a gorgeous, super fun couple and one of my favorite Nashville wedding planners, Premier W.E.D. … what more could a photographer ask for?! 🙂  I was incredibly honored to be a part of Genevieve & Tyler’s Cape Cod wedding.  You could tell the caliber of people they are by the number of guests that traveled to be with them on their special day.  They are PERFECT for each other!

The wedding ceremony took place on the beach in Chatham, Massachusetts with reception under a Sail Cloth tent on the lawn of a picture perfect Cape Cod estate.  In true East coast style, the buffet included lobster, oysters, corn & red potatoes.  Dancing was kicked off by Geneveive and Tyler & an epic Bridal Party group dance!  Dancing continued late into the night with an extra special performance by The Stella Family – with Lennon & Maisy from ABC’s Nashville.  Genevieve requested a photo with sparklers, and I LOVE what we were able to capture of the two of them in front of the estate.  The whole weekend feels like a dream.  I’m so incredibly happy for you Genevieve & Tyler and I’m so thankful to have been a part of your dream wedding 🙂 xoxo – evin

Click HERE to view all of Genevieve & Tyler’s wedding photos

Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-1beach  Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-39&40 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-2 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-3 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-41&42 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-4 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-43&44 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-45&46 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-47&48 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-49&50 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-51&52 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-85&86 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-5 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-6 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-7 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-8 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-10 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-11 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-9 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-52 copy Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-28 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-53&54 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-55&56 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-12 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-13 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-57&58 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-59&60 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-61&62 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-14 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-63&64 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-15 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-16 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-20 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-18 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-19 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-65&66 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-21 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-22 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-67&68 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-23 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-69&70 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-71&72 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-24 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-83&84 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-77&78 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-35 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-87&88 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-34 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-79&80 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-73&74 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-75&76 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-26 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-17 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-81&82 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-29 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-30 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-31 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-32 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-33 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-27 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-25 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-36 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-37 Cape_Cod_Beach_Wedding-Evin Photography-38


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  2. Was honored to be a guest at this amazing event, and celebration of life! Your photographs provide an amazing documentary of Tyler and Genevieve and everything/one that contributed to this very special day. The subtlety of the details….her dark eyes, his striped socks, the seaside on the hem of her dress….made these photos so much fun to visit. Can’t wait to share with others. Lucky are we, who were there!!!!!

  3. Amy Jewell says:

    Love all the photos. Really talented photographer and great subjects !

  4. AMAZING! You are the best, we couldn’t have imagined spending our perfect day with anyone else! Thank you for making our day look so great!

  5. Tana Green says:

    Absolutely stunning !!

  6. Kim Thompson says:

    Beautiful !! Amazing pictures and beautiful bride and groom.

  7. LOVED the photos!! Thanks for doing such an amazing job!! : )

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