Jones Family Portraits in Sandestin Baytowne Wharf – Destin, FL

August 22, 2014

My amazing clients the Jones’ from Franklin, TN also love vacationing in Destin, FL.  For almost 3 years, we have tried to connect in hopes of being down there at the same time.  FINALLY, while at one of our photo shoots for baby Jackson earlier this year, Becky found out the dates of our next trip to Watersound Florida and the Jones’ booked their flights!  Becky loves the carousel in Sandestin’s Baytowne Wharf as much as I do, so we knew that would be the area for this family photo session.  I love my clients whether in Nashville or Florida… but it sure is fun taking photos in Florida 😉

San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-1 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-16&17 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-2 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-18&19 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-3 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-4 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-20&21 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-5 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-22&23 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-24&24 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-6 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-7 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-8 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-26&27 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-9 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-10 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-28&29 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-11 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-12 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-30&31 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-13 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-14 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-34&35 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-15 San_Destin_FL_Family_Photos-Evin Photography-32&33

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