Berkley 2 Year Portraits – Leipers Fork, TN

August 1, 2012

Precious Berkley!  She has stolen our heart.  Her mom & dad, Christy & Jeremy, are some of the most incredible parents I know.  One of my absolute favorite moments from their Leipers Fork photo session was when Christy yelled out again and again “BY GEORGE SHE’S GOT IT!” to get Berkley to smile…and it worked!  She had us all rolling with laughter including little “B” giving us some of the best shots of the day.  These are some of my favorite people 🙂

  1. Jeremy Sayne says:

    Evin is not only one of the best human beings I know but hands down the best photographer I have ever seen! EVER! I mean, she even made me look good on camera and that my friends is not an easy task. Thanks Evin, for all you do.

  2. Evin, Berkley’s pictures are just amazing!!! I can’t believe how great they turned out, and I was there! It was fun seeing you in action to capture all those precious smiles…with just a little help. Bee is our little angel and I’m so grateful we have all these wonderful pictures. Thank you for everything!

  3. Evin – only you could catch the beauty of Berkley the way you did. Those photos are absolutely breath-taking and we can’t wait to see the rest.

    She is a doll, isn’t she?

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