Madison Senior Portraits in Downtown Franklin, TN

July 26, 2012

Well I must say this was probably the hardest blog post I have ever done… hard in narrowing down which were my favorites to post!!  I have just about included all of the photos from Madison’s senior portraits below!  I mean look at her 🙂  We had sooo much fun during Madison’s senior portrait session in Downtown Franklin, TN.  One moment I will NEVER forget….

As I was taking photos of Madison in front of Meridee’s Breadbasket, her mom & grandmother stood next to me being wonderful assistants.  Just then a group of tourists passed by and a guy Madison’s age took one look at her and said, “I want a picture.”  He plopped down next to her quickly smiled, and put his arm around her.  The look on Madison’s face was priceless!  And I just have to say… they really did look great together 😉  Madison was SO embarrassed, but we all had a huge laugh and the group continued on their way, but not until Madison’s grandmother ran after him to get his number & email… “to send him a photo of course” haha  We laughed for the rest of the day, giving us the absolute best photos of Madison!  Thanks mystery man 🙂

And thank you to Madison, and her family for always being dear friends and for allowing me to be a part of Madison’s senior year.  Hope we have many more pictures to come!

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