Jon & Lizzy’s Engagement Photos – Franklin, TN

June 24, 2010

I shot Jon & Lizzy’s Engagement photos a few weeks ago on her parent’s property in Franklin, TN.  This was a special shoot for me.  Lizzy’s brother, David, grew up with my husband and I.  David is a Director/Filmmaker (website) and we have so many memories, shooting films with him on their property.  It has also been the site of countless nights around the bonfire…including my 25th Birthday Party & a special time with friends the night before our Wedding.  How precious for me to get to shoot Jon & Lizzy’s Engagement portraits on that same property that has brought me so many wonderful memories.  However, what was even more precious was how much this couple loves each other.

The small country chapel where they will be getting married is conveniently located right next door to Lizzy’s parent’s home.  The moment’s photographing them in the spot they will soon be announced as husband and wife gave me chills.  Both have a theatrical background, which brought such ease to the photo shoot and their style had me totally inspired!  It is going to be such a special wedding for me to be a part of.  Can’t wait to celebrate with you Jon & Lizzy!

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