Hart & Lindsey’s Wedding – SNEAK PEEK

June 6, 2010

Here is a Sneak Peek from Gerhardt Hanekom & Lindsey Perdue’s Wedding that took place on Saturday in Atlanta, GA.  There were two HUGE reasons I wanted to be sure and capture the absolute best shots for this couple…  1) “Hart” is from South Africa and none of his family was able to attend the wedding.  So I knew every image I took would be of the utmost importance, detailing the entire event for his family and allowing them to take part in the memories from the day.  2) Lindsey and I were neighbors growing up in Brentwood, TN.  What a privilege it was to be asked to capture her wedding photos in Atlanta, GA.

Hart & Lindsey truly love each other, and what was even more evident was the love Lindsey has for Hart’s son and “picture-perfect ring bearer”, Tyler.  They are going to be a great family!  Thanks so much for involving me in your wedding.  So happy for you Hart & Lindsey!

  1. Evin,

    I just spent the last hour viewing the pictures. Cried, laughed and celebrated again! The pictures are exquisite! Heartwarming and fun. You captured the essence of the love shared by so many for Lindsey and Hart and the celebration of their marriage. Your creativity and talent shine through every picture. Thank you for capturing a moment in time which will always be momentous to all of us.
    Love you,

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