Keith & Bethany Engagement SNEAK PEEK – Nashville, TN

March 21, 2010

Here is a slideshow Sneak Peek of Keith & Bethany’s Engagement Photo Session we recently shot in Downtown Nashville, TN. They both work at Vanderbilt Hospital and Keith pulled a few strings with his team – the flight crew – to gain us access to the helipad for a few shots. You have to see these pics!
It was so special to shoot at a place that is such a huge part of their life… and I have to admit it was kinda cool seeing the view of Nashville from up there too! 😉 Keith & Bethany are very cool, laid back and easy to get along with and I know their Wedding will be a blast!

  1. Treasured Captures Photography says:

    Great photos Evin!! Looking forward to visiting with you when we get to Nashville…the weekend on april 23rd…

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