WPPI Convention

February 9, 2010

The WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International) Convention is taking place in 23 days and counting! Each year I have contemplated going but it is usually only a passing thought since in the past I have either been shooting a wedding, on a family trip, or pregnant. 🙂 This year none of those is taking place but for some reason I hadn’t given it a thought until a few weeks ago.
Over the last few weeks, I’ve had multiple conversations with several photographer friends that are either going…or wish they were. WPPI keeps being brought up, to the point I even found a photographer that offered a FREE pass if I blogged about it! At this point I feel so lead to go to WPPI I don’t think I can escape it!
Guilt has still set in about having to leave the hubby with our 15 month-old for several days…poor guy just let me go on a girls weekend, where I got snowed in having to stay an extra day, and now I’m going to leave them again! But Luke has been (as he always is) SUPER supportive and encourages me toward anything I want to do that will help me in what I love….photography & business.
So, I am praying for that FREE pass and if the Lord wants me to go so bad I know he’ll make it happen and there will be a reason.
Sooo I guess it’s 23 days and counting… 🙂

Lawrence if your reading this, I would love that Free Pass! 🙂
email me: evin@evinphotography.com

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