Welcome Home!

March 9, 2009

Luke‘s parents just brought home our 4 newest brother & sisters, our adopted siblings from over seas. Sophie (9), Izzie & Zach (7), and Abby (3). We are head over heels in love! They arrived on Feb. 28th and we have been spending a lot of family time loving on the kids and introducing them to all of their firsts, like ice cream! …they didn’t like how cold it was 🙂 I took a photo shoot last Thursday of all of Beth & Jon’s kids, with more pictures coming after our family beach trip in April. Check out more info from their adoption experience on their website, Adopting Miracles.

P.S. Sophie LOVES Cohen and handles him like she has had 5 children of her own already. He likes the attention too… 🙂

  1. Anonymous says:

    These photos are beautiful. The kids are so adorable. What a great time for you all!!

  2. Amy Lynn says:

    Yay! new littles!

  3. Zach Gray says:

    These are great!!

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