Bethany & Cris Wedding at West End United Methodist & The Hermitage Hotel – Nashville, TN

December 11, 2014

What an absolutely amazing way to wrap up the 2014 wedding season! Bethany and Cris are truly so in love and are perfect for each other. Their classic, elegant style partnered perfectly with two of our favorite venues in Nashville – West End United Methodist Church and The Hermitage Hotel. Bethany’s parents are the former owners of Krispy Kreme in Birmingham, so incorporating these legendary doughnuts was a must! The day was well taken care of by Events by Janie and her amazing team. I feel like I have two new best friends! Love this couple.

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West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-1 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-32&33 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-34&35 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-2 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-3 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-36&37 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-4 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-5 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-6 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-7 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-8 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-9 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-10 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-38&39 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-40&41 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-11 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-12 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-13 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-42&43 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-14 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-15 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-44&45 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-16 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-17 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-18 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-19 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-20 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-52 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-21 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-53 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-22 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-23 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-24 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-46&47 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-25 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-26 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-48&49 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-27 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-50&51 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-28 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-29 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-30 West_End_United_Methodist_Wedding_Hermitage_Hotel_Reception_Nashville_TN-Evin Photography-31

  1. Lindsey says:

    It was a beautiful day and these pictures are the proof! So happy for Bethany and Cris to begin their life’s journey together.

  2. Becca says:

    You look amazing! Congrats!!

  3. Madeline Dodd says:


  4. Sophia says:

    awesome pictures! So happy for yall❤️

  5. Teresa Lamparter says:

    Awesome pictures Cris and Bethany! Bethany you are beautiful, and Cris, handsome as ever!

  6. Doug Preston says:

    I was a professional photographer in the 1960’s & photographed many weddings & can honestly say these photos of the McAleer-Dalmau wedding are outstanding. Evin did an amazing job. Based on these examples of her work I would recommend her any time & I don’t even know her.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! Love these photos!

  8. Robby says:

    The pictures are beautiful! What a great celebration for a wonderful couple. Glad we could take part.

  9. Chris says:

    Great wedding, you picked the perfect time of year with the colors of the trees. The propellor was a good idea. Looking forward to seeing the many more pictures to come.

  10. Emily Kornberg says:

    These pictures are fantastic!! Such a beautiful wedding! Congrats you two!

  11. Tom says:

    Fantastic pictures! Very impressive.

  12. Tom says:

    Cris, you are sooooo good looking.

  13. Laura says:

    You look so gorgeous!! Cris is a lucky man 😉 What a good looking couple… congrats!

  14. Aaron Lamparter says:

    Excellent pics! Brings back some excellent memories of the day!

  15. Margaret Anne says:

    What an amazing night! And stunning photos to go along with it. These are incredible. Congrats Bethany and Cris–Love y’all!

  16. Margaret Anne says:

    What an amazing night! And stunning photos to go with it. Congrats Cris and Bethany!! Love y’all!

  17. Lindsey Chance says:

    So beautiful– I love how the pics are both indoor and outdoor and the colors look amazing!!! Great pics!

  18. A charming couple – lovely bride, handsome groom – and priceless moments in time expertly captured in beautiful photographs to enjoy again and again.

  19. What a radiant bride ! Great pictures, wonderful memories !!!

  20. Gail Batchelor says:

    Some if the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen.

  21. What a beautiful couple. I think I now believe in Cinderella and her Prince Charming! Absolutely breathtaking pictures!

  22. Wonderful wedding pictures!!!

  23. Laura says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love your dress and your wedding looked beautiful and looks like everyone had a blast! Congrats to you both!

  24. Frances McAleer says:

    Words will never be able to express how much I love the pictures!! I smile every time I look at them – several times a day!! Thanks for being so amazing to work with! Evin did an incredible job!!

  25. Cris dalmau says:

    Thank you for capturing our special day. Pictures look amazing! It will be hard to pick a favorite.

  26. Allyson Mawn says:

    Bethany, you look breathtaking! These photos perfectly capture your beautiful day. Congratulations!

  27. Tamie says:

    Great pics!

  28. Wow these are such beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  29. Kirstin says:

    Pictures are beautiful! Love that dress and venue!

  30. Mary Ellen says:

    Beautiful photos and an amazing wedding.

  31. Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Church, Beautiful Pictures!

  32. Steve says:

    These look great! We had so much fun!

  33. These pictures are beautiful, as was your wedding. Congratulations Bethany and Cris!

  34. Matt says:

    These pictures look great! You will enjoy them for years to come as you look back and remember this day.

  35. Meg Meek says:

    LOVE THESE!! I laughed and laughed at my dirty feet and sweet snuggle with Kate. We were TIRED from dancing.

  36. Mary Christopher says:

    My great niece is beautiful and stunning. Bethany and Cris are precious. Pictures are fantastic.

  37. Janice christopher says:

    Spectacular pictures with gorgeous bride and handsome groom.

  38. Leah Schultz says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! The pictures capture everything so well! Congrats Bethany and Cris!

  39. Jana Lowe says:

    These pictures look amazing. Such a beautiful wedding!

  40. Kate Werner says:

    These pictures are gorgeous! They so perfectly capture such a wonderful day!

  41. Heather Patterson says:

    Gorgeous bride and pictures!

  42. Molly says:

    Beautiful, Bethany!

  43. Calvin says:

    What a great day and an amazing couple! These pictures just make me want to do it all over again. Congrats you two!

  44. Christie Beasley says:

    These pictures are great!! Bethany is absolutely gorgeous!!

  45. These are stunning!! And Andrew Jackson looks pretty great in the background too. 😉

  46. Joy Patterson says:

    Wonderful love them all!

  47. Veronica says:

    these are beautiful pictures!! So happy to be part of this special day. Evin’s right- you can clearly see the love between Bethany and Cris in these shots 🙂

  48. Bethany says:

    Evin, you did an amazing job!! We are both so grateful for your fun spirit and incredible skills for capturing all the best moments of our day 🙂 The only problem now is choosing our favorites! Thank you so much!!

  49. Sinecio says:

    I love the pics! Kari and I had a great time; thanks for inviting us! BEST WEDDING BAND EVER

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