Berkley’s 4 Year Portraits in Westhaven – Franklin, TN

August 12, 2014

Miss B, how are you 4?!?!  When I hear the term “special needs” I feel that’s what we are… because we ESPECIALLY NEEDED to have Miss Berkley in our life.  I can’t tell you the immense joy this one girl & her family have brought into our world.  Rett Syndrome has become a word we are now familiar with and mention in our prayers often.  Yet Berkley is not one we morn, but rather celebrate!  This sweet girl has spunk, a determined spirit, and GREAT fashion sense.  Though 2 years ago, we thought she may never walk, she is now cruising!  If you know Jeremy & Christy Sayne, you KNOW where Berkley get’s her joy & determined spirit.  What a love we have for this family & we are SO incredibly honored to be on this journey together!  I love you B!

Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-1 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-2 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-13&14 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-3 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-4 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-5 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-6 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-15&16 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-7 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-8 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-9 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-10 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-11 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-19&20 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-17&18 Berkley_4Yr_Portraits-Evin Photography-12


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