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Here are my neighbors & sweet friends, the Myers Family!  I love that I have photographed both Wilson & Henry since they were born and soon they will welcome baby boy #3!  The boys had a blast running around Harlinsdale Farm.  My favorite was when they tackled each other & I can only imagine what fun they will have with a new little bother to grow up with!

Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-22&23 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-20&21 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-18&19 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-28&29 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-1 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-24&25 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-2 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-3 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-4 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-26&27 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-5 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-6 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-30&31 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-7 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-8 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-9 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-10 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-11 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-12 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-13 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-14 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-15 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-16 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-17 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-32&33 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-34&35 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-36&37 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-38&39 Family_Portraits_Harlinsdale_Farm_Franklin_TN-Evin Photography-40&41

These two people are some of our forever friends and are two of the dearest people to me.  Megan and I first met at Samford in Birmingham and became Chi Omega sorority sisters.  Flash forward {cough, cough} years later and we are now closer friends than ever before.  I can call her at the drop of a hat and no matter when we talked last, we pick back up right where we left off.  Josh is also one of my favorites 🙂 He went to Brentwood High School with me, but it wasn’t until he began dating my BFF Megan that we became friends.  He & I tend to “geek” out over website & photo talk and are convinced one day we will invent and app together & make a million dollars. 🙂  Josh is also a huge Buckeyes fan — GO BUCKS!!  Megan & Josh have been extremely successful in their careers & now God is blessing them with the gift of their first child.  It was all I could do to not cry happy tears through the whole maternity session.  We are so blessed to know them & can’t wait to meet Baby Brennard coming soon!!!  Love you both & can’t wait to love on this sweet baby boy, xoxoxo

Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-1 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-2 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-7&8 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-3 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-9&10 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-11&12 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-4 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-5 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-17&18 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-6 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-13&14 Megan_Maternity_Portraits-Evin Photography-15&16

Neeley’s!!!!  I so adore this session in Leiper’s Fork, TN of one of my favorite families.  What an honor to be friends with them as well.  Can’t wait to celebrate with them in a few short weeks when they welcome their precious boy to their “Neeley Nest”!

Amanda is going to be the coolest mom ever!  I so enjoyed shooting her maternity session in Downtown Franklin and it was too perfect being able to take some of the pics in front of Historic Lillie Belles where they were married.  Amanda & Kevin adore each other & I know this sweet girl will be lavished with love & the cutest clothes 🙂

…and don’t miss the photo opp we stumbled upon that was too perfect, especially since Amanda’s nickname is “chicken” 😉