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When Katie Jacobs of Styling My Everyday hosts a Garden Party to celebrate the arrival of Reese Witherspoon’s spring line, you know there’s no place I’d rather be!!  Katie & I joined together with Abi McGinnis of Abigail T. Calligraphy and Melissa Haithcock from A Happy Healthy Heart to throw a party that felt like a dream.  The new spring line was picture perfect.  Be sure to check out the Draper James blog post HERE for Katie’s Lemon Cake with Lavender Frosting Recipe!!
Here are some of my favorites from this fabulous Draper James Garden Party…

I was recently invited to a “Biscuit Bootcamp” at Holler & Dash…and I said “uhhhh, YES PLEASE!”  My SUPER talented friend, Katie Jacobs, hosts a food & lifestyle blog that you are probably already following – Styling My Everyday!  When asked to collaborate with her, all she had to do was say the magic word… Biscuits 🙂  We had an absolute blast learning from Chef Brandon Frohne.  You can see some of our photo fun below, but to get all of the buttery biscuit recipe tips check out –  Biscuit Bootcamp at Holler & Dash

As I reflect in this New Year of all that I’m thankful for, one person that soars to the top of my list is my Bethany.  She is so many things to me… Studio Coordinator (the super glue for my business), Second shooter, Road-Trip companion, Voice of Grace & Reason, Cheerleader, Laughing buddy…Best Friend.  I’m “Lucy”, she is “Ethel”.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and I was over-the-moon excited to photograph her recently at the property of Shelter & Roost “The Nest” in Leipers Fork, TN.  Bethany thank you does not fully express my gratitude for all you do and who you are to me & so many others.  Many prayers of blessings over you and your family for years to come!  LOVE LOVE LOVE You!!

Her new website is coming soon.  See more of Bethany’s photography & talent HERE

Hair and Makeup by Marz Makeup

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Rarely do I post personal photos on the blog… but what we have been dreaming of for years was finally brought to reality by our favorite landscape designer, Brandon of B. Bates Landscaping!  I photographed before & afters of our Courtyard in Westhaven, TN and even we can’t believe the transformation.  We are loving every minute in our courtyard with the kids, friends & look forward to hosting many hang outs, baby/wedding showers & neighbor visits.  Thank you a million times over Brandon & crew!!

B Bates Landscaping –

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